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Tableau to fully discover the submerged potential of data

Creating a value display does not just mean representing an analysis in the most correct way, but being able to guide our interlocutors through a path, to support them in data-driven decision-making processes.
This is why modern organizations are equipping themselves with appropriate data visualization tools, using them to create effective storytelling, so as to find clear and precise answers to complex questions.

Tableau is a data visualization solution that allows you to create interactive dashboards quickly and intuitively, combining content, size, colors, and symbols to generate countless variants of data reading.
Encourage collaboration, making analysis available to anyone, wherever they are. With With Tableau you can interact, edit and create content directly from any device, and be always up to date and operational.

What we do?

When we work on Tableau, we combine all of its power with our business and analytics experience. We support our customers in integrating analytics and dashboards to make decision-making smarter.
In addition to implementing the solution, the Axiante team is dedicated to developing visual analytics skills through a targeted training on the reality of the customer.
Tableau Prep, Tableau Desktop, and Tableau Server help create impact, interactive, and collaborative visualizations to incentivize comparisons that can bring out completely new options.

Why Tableau?

To understand statistics by analysing trends, regressions and correlations of data, to make more efficient and data-based decisions
With Tableau Desktop the data is placed on the maps, because knowing the “where” trends and events occur, is crucial when talking about strategic analysis
Ensure sharing, all in a secure way: to share data interactively, and strengthen interfunctional collaboration
With a simple click sort, filter, group, define calculations for an intuitive representation
To combine different data sources: big data, SQL, Excel cloud apps like Google Analytics and Salesforce, without writing any code lines

Data Storytelling to make sense of data and make it accessible to everyone

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