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with procurement

Procurement is a strategic process and often represents the starting point for creating value. However, the procurement process is often not strategic at all, but rather tactical and disjointed. Due to inefficient processes and manuals, limited data management of the provider and inability to cooperate effectively internally and externally.
Suppliers are an integral part of the success of many organisations. Collaborating with them without adequate integrations does not allow to obtain accurate information and to properly evaluate the risks.

Starting with supplies
to create value

Our customers feel that their suppliers are the key to everything. Axiante designs integrated procurement solutions for a 360 degree view of all suppliers’ information and activities. This facilitates the assessment of any initiatives to optimize the levels of risk the performance of each individual supplier.
We help organizations understand all your spending by identifying potential improvements, through a classification and enrichment of key information to generate value.

P2P can start business growth

Digitisation of the P2P process is increasingly necessary and the benefits have been demonstrated. Organizations can gain value more effectively through automated and compliant purchases, improving the experience for employees and suppliers, increasing efficiency in purchases and supplier accounts. Closing the gap between strategic sourcing and aquaculture operations is in Axiante’s DNA.

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Through the support of our experts, we will help you understand which solutions are best for your organization.

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