Every square
meter counts

Nobody has any reservations about omnichannel shopping anymore. But with over 90% of the volume of groceries still passing through brick-and-mortar stores, optimized space planning is more important than ever. Every square meter counts – optimized layouts maximize the customer experience.

How to Thrive in an Omnichannel Environment

Which categories should really be featured? Which routes generate the most traffic? An opportunity to make a great first impression. Customer centricity is the key to thriving in an omnichannel environment. And the store layout, from its impact on path mapping to its ability to influence cart size through merchandising and promotions, is a key part of the customer experience.

Every centimeter is important: the layout of the store is essential for an excellent customer experience

If grocery stores and other essential products begin to become reference stores where there used to be malls or department stores, the importance of services and new departments could become even more important. Simulations of new formats are expensive to implement: our macro-space planning solution can reduce the risk of that investment.

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