Renewing the consolidation process

Consolidation closures have always been a long and complex process. Manual data entry and calculations are reducing productivity. The process can produce errors in disclosure documents. At the same time, deadlines are becoming stricter and information is increasing.
It is time to modernise the traditional consolidation procedures.

Everything you need for a better consolidation

We help our customers to simplify and automate feeding procedures (both of accounting data and of purely management details).
We identify all anomalies, inconsistencies, exceptions.
We integrate the various pre-existing reporting systems so as to maximise investments already made.
In this way, you can promptly provide the various stakeholders with detailed and correct information.

The need to have a clear and powerful consolidation system

Civil and management consolidation is the process of closing accounting books, collecting data and consolidating all financial data so that the financial information be created disclosed both internally (consolidated management) that externally in accordance with IFRS and US GAAP (Consolidated Civil Law).
The time has come to modernise the traditional consolidation procedures.
A clear and powerful consolidation system allows organizations to speed up routine operations, quickly access their information assets, and spend more time on analytics relying on accurate and validated data.

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