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Dynamic pricing doesn’t have to be extraordinarily complex, but it does need to be strategic and disciplined, bearing in mind that some items are better candidates for frequent price changes than others that should remain relatively stable, as frequent price changes can generate consumer frustration.

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The length of the purchasing cycle and consumer expectations for each set of products are key elements in the pricing strategy. In our opinion, most of the price changes recommended by the algorithms should be approved by the category specialist before being implemented. It is very important to avoid consumer backlash resulting from opportunistic price increases, as happened for some products seen as taking advantage of the pandemic, thus losing customer confidence.

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When we talk about promotions, the speed and efficiency of the system is everything. The customized platform dedicated to Promotion Planning designed by Axiante Retail, allows you to plan, predict, implement and accurately analyze the entire promotional plan. Adopting this solution allows you to manage the complexities, numbers and promotional diversifications by area or channel and, thanks to an advanced analysis tool, to evaluate its effectiveness.

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