Liquidiy is the lifeblood

Managing working capital properly and efficiently is a vital activity for the company. Managing cash flows efficiently means, first of all, getting the money that in the company must arrive, in the shortest time possible, at the lowest costs, with the least expenditure of resources.
Keep everything under control, have up-to-date data, quickly understand where the issues are, such as late payments, risky customers, debts to recover quickly: all these activities can be supported and carried out in a very effective and efficient way thanks to specialized digital applications.

Not all customers are equal

Payments are one of the most sensitive aspects in the business with customers: it is essential that they are efficient and up-to-date processes in order to predict the evolution of revenues and cash flows in the coming months. Not all customers are equal, above all, in terms of their financial soundness, and their ability to meet their debts. This is why it is essential to measure the credit risk to each customer. The increasing increase in available data has made available new opportunities that can be exploited by the Risk Manager to assess the credit risk of customers.

Remove the torn in the side

In the current economic situation, companies are increasingly faced with all the complex problems relating to the management of outstanding loans, with considerable expenditure of internal and external economic resources.
A digital transformation in debt recovery processes minimizes lost revenue, highlighting those situations with potential collection problems, providing the opportunity to intervene in time. Data shows that overdue invoices are harder to collect as they get older. Highly digitized recovery processes greatly reduce cash problems caused by delays and in payments. Speeding up the recovery, making it more effective, is the most urgent thing to eliminate the ‘thorn in the side’ of outstanding debts.

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