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The portfolio of products and services grows in complexity with the aim of being increasingly closer to the characteristics and peculiarities of each individual customer. As a result, commercial functions need increasingly sophisticated tools and skills to improve short- and medium-term performance. Using predictive analytics approaches it is possible to draw up business action plans for each channel, linked to marketing focus.

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Axiante has successfully contributed to the digital transformation of many commercial functions in both B2C and B2B. We develop effective forecasting applications to adapt commercial pressure, according to relational strategy and sales plans. In our projects we have adapted the allocation of portfolios to vendors by integrating the role of each contact channel in the sales cycle.

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Implementing initiatives for market monitoring and listening to customers in order to improve the effectiveness of sales teams. The successful organizations we work with have implemented tools to improve prospecting/retention actions, often combined with a consultative approach selling to their interlocutors.

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