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Increasing customer satisfaction and consequently sales, by always having the availability of items under control is the goal of all retailers: localized planograms are an essential element to achieve it. To get to design the best choice for your target consumer, respecting inventory, physical constraints and merchandising strategy, it is necessary to have an enterprise-level data repository.

Increase the efficiency of spaces and categories

Our solutions foster the efficiency of space and category management teams. Accelerate the process of generating and distributing planograms to specific stores or clustered aggregates. Optimized shelf layouts ensure that essential items are always included and that SKU adjacencies and merchandising rules are respected, for a consistent and localized customer experience.

The importance of being aware of spaces

To effectively manage the heterogeneity of the areas, it is essential to know what the real situation of the shelf is for each individual store. For this region, in recent years, we have seen an increase in interest in Shelf Compliance applications that are able to give the headquarters that much sought-after real-time visibility.

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