Data and Digital Transformation: a combination for success

The success of digital transformation depends heavily on data reliability. The market offers a multitude of tools for data quality and governance. On the one hand, by adopting complex tools you lose many of the benefits offered by the cloud, on the other hand we know that very simple apps, if they offer the advantage of being usable by anyone, are unfortunately often too limited to fit into a solid data quality process.

Good data governance increases competitiveness

The company’s information resources are dispersed and heterogeneous. To address this situation, it is necessary to put in place a structure and strategy that can ensure that key information is kept under control and aligned to applications.

Years of field experience have allowed us to give a real advantage to our customers, implementing data governance in terms of organization, processes and information systems, in the best way for every context.

The approach to Data Quality

Hundreds of theses and articles have already been written on how to address the vast issue of data quality. At Axiante we believe that the right approach is, certainly, the pervasive one in which critical issues – related to quality – are addressed and resolved upstream in the data flow. A high level of pervasiveness means enabling data quality tools anywhere, applying quality controls and metrics in real time. This leads to that necessary level of consistency along the entire data chain. Today more than ever, thanks to the cloud, data quality features can be pervasive and make the entire data transformation chain much more reliable.

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