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with customers

To guide purchasing decisions, it is essential to focus on an active dialogue with the consumer, thus also favoring a potential exchange of ideas, which over time leads to a substantial increase in the value of transactions and consolidates loyalty towards the brand.

A customer engagement model for growth

For our customers we have developed features that help to improve the Customer Lifetime Value, with campaigns dedicated to segments with different value and level of activity to automate communication, set discount levels or decide on the best interaction channels to motivate them to buy more. or to return.

Optimize stores by guiding the most relevant assortments of items by format, store, department and category

Many retailers group stores around information such as store size, distribution networks, or some other form of historical approach, justifying that it’s better not to change than to change and hurt. With our Intelligent Clustering solution, it is possible to identify the optimal clusters, evaluating categories, brands and geographic areas, minimizing the costly burden of managing increasingly numerous clusters.

Latest ideas and insights

11 September 2023

Why a new approach to assortment is needed 

Per ottenere il massimo dall’assortimento è necessario intraprendere un nuovo approccio. Scopri perché.
4 July 2023

A window on workforce planning

Sfruttare al meglio le risorse, ridurre le ore improduttive e ottimizzare la capacità di risposta. Scopri di più sul Workforce Planning
9 June 2023

Retailer: the thread that combines prices and promotions

Retailers have an ace up their sleeve that they often choose not to use: finding the right balance that links promotions and prices. In fact,…

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