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Store Planning

Technology / Store Planning

Every centimeter is important: for an excellent customer experience the shop layout is fundamental

The centrality of the consumer is a key point if you want to compete in an increasingly omnichannel market.
The store’s layout impacts directly on the customer journey, significantly affecting customer purchases and loyalty.
Making in-depth testing of retail outlets and new formats is an expensive investment to make: The simulation and analysis capabilities of part of the Store & Floor Planning solution help reduce the risk of these investments.

What we do?

Axiante’s expertise, combined with the efficient and intuitive workflow of Store and Floor Planning, make it possible to measure and accurately compare the physical characteristics of the store and the economic performance of the layouts implemented at the area level, or lane.

Why Store and Floor Planning by Symphony RetailAI?

Immediate performance: performance emerges from the floor plan, highlighting areas with lower or higher profitability
Space-based advantages: Identification of modifications that offer instant advantages, such as reallocation of spaces between nearby categories
Study the consumer: specific analysis on the trend of demand, evaluating all the characteristics for each store, to understand the purchase paths.
Space-based assortments: take into account the layout of each individual store by setting the minimum exposure requirements, so as to create efficient and functional assortments

Our Expertises