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Boomi to connect everything and everyone, expanding collaboration in the digital ecosystem

Organizations are increasingly exploiting applications that cover specific objectives, but they need to be interlinked.
This is the space in which Dell Boomi shines, an iPaaS integration platform, able to unify data and business applications.
By choosing this smart, flexible and scalable solution, you can drive fast digital transformation by integrating and connecting your applications, both in the cloud and on-premises, data, systems, processes and people.
In this way, you’ll get faster time-to-value, a tangible improvement in business efficiency, and greater flexibility in managing constant change, more easily governing business processes, and faster achievement of goals.

What we do?

At Axiante we support organizations in identifying best practices to exploit applications and their full integration, managing the Boomi platform, developing integrations and flows, creating and setting rules and monitoring the system to ensure operation.

Why Dell Boomi?

With Boomi Data Catalog & Prep BDC you can migrate, and rationalize data to create a pervasive availability of information for a truly data-driven organization
Boomi Master Data Hub to represent data consistently across the organization, allowing you to model, synchronize, clean and enrich data belonging to different domains
The scalability of the Boomi API Management platform supports the management of all Apis over the entire life cycle. Thanks to the centrality of the API Management environment it is possible to manage the creation, implementation and maintenance of the API that will be used in the various applications
Promotes better and smarter decision-making by reducing silos and making data accessible
Boomi Flow is the low-code development platform to create and automate simple workflows but also very complex if necessary

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