The right to be excellent

Managing promotions is crucial for a large retailer. But how can we improve such a complex process? Adopting a people-centered approach, in which the UX is an essential element and to be valued.


With a turnover close to 9 billion euros in 2022, Esselunga is the Italian leader in organized distribution. Founded in 1957, today it has grown to more than 200 stores and over 25.000 employees.
The challenge that led Esselunga to turn to Axiante is to bring the quality that distinguishes it, on the internal processes of the management of promotions, fundamental to the competitiveness on the market.

Passion, quality and performance

In the context of planning and managing promotions, user experience has been the fundamental starting point to create a solution that can drive such an important process.
The digital solution created by Axiante gives, for example, the possibility to vary the masks and parameters without modifying the source code, thus making non-developer users autonomous.
Faced with having to carry out I/O operations and make the data available to the presentation layer, has been developed a junction path and implemented towards the multidimensional system.
In addition, in view of an increasing attention to data, has been created a layer with the function of presenting the data read through this junction path and make them display tabular and sending to the write Apis the data modified by the user.
The team spirit was indispensable for the success of this project: different business functions were involved, to allow the synergy of different skills and align the processes and the operation of all stakeholders.


Today Esselunga can count on a single shared interface to create, plan, manage and monitor promotions, ensuring speed and clarity.
In addition to the performance benefits, the solution has had an important impact on users, increasing awareness of the potential of data to excel in the market.

A winning approach that links promotions to high performance, to innovation and to involved stakeholders.


The best passion, the best performance