The best passion, the best performance

How to give a competitive advantage to your Dealers, supporting them in the commercial strategy? Giving the Area Managers an extra boost, through a digital solution that allows a single view of the network, using all the data available, regardless of the origin.


Monitoring the performance of the network and intervening promptly in case of significant deviations from the reference values. But not only.
Suzuki Italia has posed a new challenge to Axiante: to give the right tool in the hands of the Area Managers so that, thanks to an overall vision of the entire network, they can make the difference in supporting the Dealers in the creation of their commercial strategy.

A new concept

Axiante has created a digital solution able to collect, normalize and group different types of data, regardless of whether these are economic-patrimonial or operational, all related to the Dealers of the Suzuki network.
In addition, in view of an increasingly accurate analysis, more than 40 KPI have been established.
Each KPI is compared with the corresponding reference values, notifying the Area Manager if there is a deviation, and updated with variable periodicity (from the annual for the capital data, up to the daily for the most operational type data such as the stock).


Today Suzuki Italia counts on a single shared standard for data management and interpretation, which guarantees a broad and clear overview, thanks to the KPI represented through interactive dashboards, thus exponentially amplifying the quality of the analyses and adding value to the substantial informative patrimony.
The benefits of the digital solution created by Axiante are not limited to the accuracy of the information: a single vision of the network of Dealers, organized with summary and detail data, has allowed Suzuki Italy to further enhance the role of the Area Manager, turning it into a real advisor for its network, able to focus on defining key business strategies with dealers, and helping them on issues such as assistance and spare parts.

The Dealers, effectively supported by the Area Managers, are able to maximize their performance.


An evolutionary approach to ensure continuity