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Clean, intact and reliable data for decisions that can’t wait

If you can’t use your data quickly and easily, it’s like you don’t have it. To make decisions, you cannot rely on a crystal ball: you need reliable data that can be used by the entire organization.
Talend responds to this challenge with a range of efficient products, for the integration of data and applications from different sources, collecting, consolidating and harmonizing them.
The strength of this solution lies in its enormous modularity: depending on your needs, you can choose from a more “lite” solution to the complete data fabric, which covers any need for an integrated solution.
Talend Fabric brings together data integration, data integrity and data governance in one place.
With Talend Trust Score, you can evaluate the quality, popularity and relevance of your information quickly, allowing users free access to the data they need.

What we do?

To quickly get reliable data, choose Talend and the Axiante team experience.
We support data-driven organisations every day to improve the availability of information by increasing the depth of knowledge of businesses, the market and customers, ensuring them better decision-making.

Why Talend?

Integration of data from multiple sources, so that they can all be used and make strategic decisions
Governance and security in data management, to give the opportunity to view them to those who need them quickly
Integration of applications and Apis to deliver better customer experience and operational efficiency

Our Expertises