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Make the right mix for customers

Axiante, thanks to the power of the SymphonyAI platform, is able to support retailers in the implementation of integrated end-to-end visual merchandising solutions. The solutions are based on artificial intelligence, improving collaboration and decision making for assortment, category and space definition.

Assortment Optimization

Stop planning based on the calendar: the assortment must be optimized taking into account consumer demand but, above all, it is essential to update it frequently to always be aligned with the reality of the market. SymphonyAI’s solution uses customer behavior and point-of-sale sales as a database: retailers will be able to have more effective assortments by size, store, department and category.

Shelf Planning

Would you like to increase the satisfaction of your customers and consequently sales, always having under control the availability of items? Localized planograms are an essential element of this activity. Thanks to the SymphonyAI solution, retailers and brands can easily combine the data at their disposal, to get to design the best choice for their target consumers, respecting inventory, physical constraints and merchandising strategy.

Store Planning

The centrality of the consumer is a key point if you want to compete in an increasingly omnichannel market. The store layout directly impacts the customer journey, significantly affecting purchases and customer loyalty. In-depth testing of stores and new formats is a costly investment to make: the simulation and analysis capabilities of the SymphonyAI Store Planning solution reduce the risk of these investments.

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