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Turn on the communication between the Headquarters and stores

How can you offer your store staff a clear and effective flow of information to ensure full compliance with signage merchandising strategies across all retail outlets, and therefore better stock management and increased shelf sales performance?

Our answer: Storeconnect

Storeconnect is the solution of Axiante Retail that allows the headquarters to share planograms, reports, analysis and much more, with the store team and with the staff of the store, through a real time distribution mechanism, on all the devices in the store (computers, tablets, smartphones…) and with the possibility of customization by area, region, cluster, store and role.
In this way communication management is simpler and more centralized and operational actions such as the maintenance of countless planograms become more effective.
Thanks to digital communication, the Retailer has an extra march to emerge, fundamental for a winning strategy.

Why the Storeconnect?

Ensures instant communication with points of sale, partners, partners, distributors through personalized access to their points of sale and their categories
Distributes automatically and in real time any changes, such as the introduction and positioning of new products, the cancellation of obsolete products, the introduction of promotional displays, the information of Product Inventory, the reorganization of the category
It simplifies the compliance control process, allowing you to verify in real time the operational status, through photos and comments, of every published planogram and of every shelf realized, for any store in the network.
Allows you to view results in real time, logs the feedback from the store team, any reports of problems and processes evaluative surveys

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