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Shelf Planning

Technology / Shelf Planning

Plan your shelf space accurately so you can offer the best assortments for your customers

Would you like to increase the satisfaction of your customers and consequently sales, always having under control the availability of items? Localized planograms are an essential element of this activity.
Retailers and brands will thus be able to easily combine the data at their disposal, to arrive at the best choice for their consumer target, respecting inventory, physical constraints and merchandising strategy.

What we do?

With Shelf Planning by Symphony Retailai, Axiante’s team will support you in implementing a simple and connected approach to reflect your category strategy and customer needs on shelf layouts, respecting physical constraints and automatically incorporating merchandising guidelines.

Why Shelf Planning by Symphony Retailai?

Manage the optimal space at the product level
Includes Merchandising Constraints
Includes inventory, delivery and demand planning
View and publish the Assortment and Shelf

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