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If the customer is the key to success, Salesforce is the choice

Nowadays, to remain competitive on the market, and with increasingly widespread levels of digitization, it is necessary to offer its customers excellent experiences.
Salesforce is the most used CRM solution in the world, thanks to the flexibility and functionality that characterize it. Born and raised in the cloud, it allows companies to connect with their customers, interacting with different sales activities, customer service, marketing, IT… through a shared view of each client’s profile.
It is an extremely effective sales tool to close negotiations from anywhere, able to bring out the best from sellers, involving them in real time and constantly fueling the spirit of teamwork.

What we do?

Each implementation can be designed and customized according to your needs: this is exactly what Axiante does. Through development, we can automate different tasks and define the most suitable functions to optimize and improve workflows, creating a tangible and unique value for each organization.
Our experience allows us to create a connected CRM, covering all business areas, from sales and marketing to support. We arrive at this result through an approach that allows us to immerse ourselves in the reality of customers, to understand their vision, needs and business processes, from analysis to implementation of the solution, from training to production.

Why Salesforce?

Accurate and detailed information, in one place, essential to create solid and lasting relationships, also improving customer service
Salesforce’s environment and capabilities are flexible and customizable to adapt the platform to your needs and workflow
Thanks to forecasting tools, lead management and the ability to configure and quote each negotiation, sales teams will be more performing and conclude negotiations faster
Easy to use, for everyone. Requires no specific knowledge to take advantage of all its features

Our Expertises