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Promotion Planning

Technology / Promotion Planning

Maximising the results of promotional campaigns

Guide customers to choose the right products at the right time, assigning an appropriate price, optimizing margins and stock levels.
When it comes to promotions, the speed and efficiency of the system is everything. An innovative solution such as Promotion Planning, allows you to plan, predict, implement and analyze accurately the entire promotional plan.
Adopting a solution of this type, helps to manage the complexity, the number and the promotional diversification by area or by channel.
Advanced analysis tool, contribute in effectiveness assessments.
The multiplicity and the remarkable configurability of the available potentialities allow to profile the promotional mechanics with the variation of the question rather than to limit itself to repeat those developed previously.

What we do?

Axiante’s team supports successful retailers in designing and implementing increasingly effective promotional strategies. Impacts such as price, type of promotion, marketing activities and timing are analyzed to create a solid foundation for successful planning.

Why Symphony RetailAI’s Promotion Planning and Forecasting?

Fast model processing with machine learning
Optimized promotional plans thanks to AI
Better analysis thanks to what-if scenarios
Active collaboration with the branded industry

Our Expertises