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Technology / PowerBI

To be always ready to make timely decisions

Imagine an organization where you can harness the power of data, transforming it into graphs and interactive views, shared with an always-connected team.
It’s not an utopia: Powerbi is a collection of software, apps and connectors that transform data sources into usable, visually engaging and interactive information.
With Powerbi it becomes possible to create a flexible ecosystem, with incredible visualizations, but above all, available in any place and sharable with the whole organization.

Cosa facciamo noi?

At Axiante, to translate the data into real results, we work in synergy with our customers, to better understand their real needs and business objectives. We don’t just provide a path to follow: we analyze and value information.
Working together with our customers, we identify opportunities to accelerate innovation, improving and simplifying decision-making.

Why PowerBI?

Reduces the complexity and security risks of using multiple solutions with a single analysis platform, able to meet all business and user needs
Share detailed information quickly with hundreds of different views
Real-time analysis: to find out what is happening at this exact moment, from production sensors to social media
Self-service and user friendly analysis
Fast responses thanks to artificial intelligence

Our Expertises