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Oracle Retail Price Management

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Rules-based pricing strategies speed up price alignment with category targets across all sales channels

Price is one of the most important strategic areas to gain an advantage over competitors, but due to fragmented and inaccurate information, its management is a challenge for all retailers.

Oracle Retail Price Management is ideal for all those retailers who need to have control and full pricing view on all sales channels.
This solution covers the management of the entire life cycle of a product: from its introduction, to regular prices, to promotions and finally to liquidation, on all channels.
Adopting it means improving the management of margins and pricing structures of the various items and their points of sale, optimizing the promotional processes..

What we do?

Axiante has a deep competence on the critical issues related to pricing dynamics as well as a solid experience in the sector, these two key elements have been highly appreciated by established national retailers in their path of digital transformation.

Why Oracle Retail Price Management ?

Proactive management of profit margins between products and stores
Configurable strategies to preserve margin, competitive goals, or align with market conditions
Complete life cycle management of prices and product margins
Guarantee price consistency at all consumer contact points for a better customer experience, ensuring that pricing structures are aligned with business procedures

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