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Closes the gap between planning and execution, transforming the Strategy Execution in a daily activity but in support of the Strategy

Large organizations are constantly urged by the multitude of stakeholders with whom they operate: customers, suppliers, legislators, internal and external staff and many others.
On a daily basis, their operations seem to guarantee the “elasticity” required. However, we have reached a point where the organizational structures, their usual ways of working, are no longer able to cope with them. It is time to define a new “Strategy” intended precisely as an internal change plan to better operate in the external environment.

The Strategy, which outlines new directions and reasons for pursuing them, also contains a plan of its implementation whose complexity derives from various factors: new roles and responsibilities not yet precisely defined, costs distributed over various functions, unstabilized organizational arrangements and more. But above all, the greatest difficulty is the need to execute the strategic plan “in continuity”, that is, simultaneously with daily activities. A sort of “open heart” operation, where the heart cannot be stopped.

Every strategy needs a plan,
every plan needs My Single Point

My Single Point is a planning & execution software that allows organizations to support this delicate and critical phase: the Strategy Execution. It guarantees a single point of view and control of all communications and resources involved in projects that are otherwise dispersed in a multitude of solitary initiatives, little connected with each other, that risk losing sight of the purpose for which they were born (and which you risk losing control of).
The monitoring is accurate and detailed, and allows the real management of activities, investments and progress to achieve the objectives, so you can always be ready to face changes or changes in the race for the changed context conditions.

My Single Point is a solution for large organizations, such as those in the banking, insurance and energy sectors, which are constantly in such situations. It is able to improve the performance of its Strategy Execution, or the adjustment of its operations to new rules and regulations (Compliance).

What we do?

Axiante is the only Italian partner of My Single Point. We are able to ensure the correct support for this delicate and vital activity of the implementation of the Strategy through a unique tool.

Why Mysp?

Manages the entire process for the implementation of the business strategy
It offers a complete overview, to get up-to-date information at a single point on the status of activities. For the benefit of the operatives and the management
Connects all objectives with what we can define as the “objective enablers”, namely people, infrastructure, resources and finance

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