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Mobile Shelf App

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Optimises the process for compliance and physical shelf detection at the Point of Sale

The branded industry needs to verify that the commercial agreements with the retailer are respected, and that its products are placed on the shelf as agreed, considering positioning and space quotas. 

Necessità Retail

The headquarter needs to verify that individual retail outlets comply with the directives received regarding the positioning of products on the shelf, so as to comply with the agreements made with retailers and maximize the sales results.
To solve the problems related to the needs described above, Axiante provides a unique solution that allows to break down the barriers present today between the branded industry, the headquarter and the single point of sale, allowing a constant and precise monitoring of the actual arrangement of the products on the shelf.
Thanks to the Axiante Mobile Shelf app, anyone with an authorized mobile device will be able to quickly and punctually detect the category shelf, and get all the documentation of the relevant planogram in real time.
Together with it, thanks to our graphic engine is also instantly rendered, on the same device used for the detection, the planogram just detected, allowing a quick identification of any reading problems, and therefore drastically reducing the risk of a subsequent re-work.
Once the scanning of the shelf is completed, the application will process the detected planogram and save it in the different formats read by the best planogram software, as well as sending the product file to preconfigured email addresses.

Why Mobile Shelf App?

By comfortably carrying out the measurements through the solution in question, it is therefore possible to obtain all the advantages linked to the use of the contents collected in combination with the data already in the possession of the head office.
The branded industry, in fact, in addition to being able to monitor the maintenance of agreements with retailers relating to the disposal of its products, can in this way also monitor the disposal of the products of competition, and keep track of pricing and any active promotions.
The retailer, on the other hand, can take advantage of our new compliance engine, which, cross-referencing the data collected with the desired map data already in possession of the headquarter, can provide reports that show how much the shelves in the store respect the planogram sent, as well as highlight, in case of low compliance, the possible reasons behind the result.

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