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Intelligent Clustering

Technology / Intelligent Clustering

Optimise store clusters with assortment mixes for size, department and category.

To bring strategic intelligence in the management of the categories, integrating the demographic data, of fidelity and demand in order to establish more pertinent clusters of shops and aligned with the preferences of the customers and the historical sales data.
Exploit consumer demand to define new growth spaces, optimising sales and making the supply chain more efficient.

What we do?

By combining statistical analysis with business objectives, thanks to the expertise of Axiante Retail on the Symphony Retailai platform, retailers can capitalize on the value of multiple data sources, to define performance clusters.
With the availability of artificial intelligence, you can find out the right mix of products for a certain point of sale.

Why Symphony RetailAI’s Store Clustering?

Identify financial opportunities per group and assess expected return
Identify groups of stores to improve inventory productivity
Determines effective class sets
Improve decision-making and increase productivity and effectiveness

Our Expertises