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The success of organizations is increasingly linked and fueled by data strategy and analysis.
According to Gartner infact, the need to have a greater awareness, made possible by the planning of scenarios, optimization of flows, prioritization and focus of investments, becomes a business priority. Also from an estimate of their experts, it is clear that by 2022, 90% of business strategies will indicate data as a critical business resource and analysis as a substantial expertise.
Data and analysis are therefore essential to trigger growth and meet new demands and requirements.
We are in a moment of profound change, we have behind us a year that has seen our habits totally transformed, and to keep up can become difficult.
The analysis supports you in all this: it is a tool that allows you to better understand the possibilities, so as to be faster in implementing the necessary reactions.
But let’s take a practical example to understand the concept.

Currently, you may think about running a Customer Journey without predictions, but what will you do when your customers grow exponentially, and they will all have different needs that arise even from the current highly changing situation? The amount of data and information to best manage this flow is infinite, and being able to govern them, identifying the most useful ones and able to guide the choices in the right way, becomes necessary.
Your customers are looking for fast and personalized services that evolve and improve. Maybe they are looking for something new, which your competitors still have not noticed.
You will be able to react to changes, or discover unfulfilled needs and identify growth opportunities and trends.
Leading organisations in each sector use data as a daily element to become competitive weapons, operational accelerators and innovation catalysts.
Think of business as a rock band, and data analytics as the lead singer.
Precisely for this reason, introducing them in a flow like that of sales, helps to increase performance and optimize related activities. By acquiring the right information, you can identify the most promising trends, satisfying demand and driving the market.
But that’s not all. Sales analytics can reveal gaps in productivity and process efficiency.

Any partner can implement a data analytics solution in your organization, but only a great expert will know how to manage your information to create a real advantage to your organization, and give you the guarantee of success.
As we told in this podcast, almost everything we do now generates data. Not using them, or doing it in the wrong way, would be a waste of valuable resources.
Understanding how to unlock this value, turn it into something understandable and usable, can help you, along with your professionalism, to project yourself forward.
Knowing your goals, and asking the right questions, is the best way to become data-driven and make decisions. What do you want to know?
Learn how we have helped our customers create value for their business and processes through data by reading our case studies.
If you want to know more about the topic, stay tuned to our Insights section or on our  Linkedin page.

Elisa Pedretti

Elisa Pedretti

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