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Solutions for Retailer success

Thanks to the power of the Blue Yonder platform, Axiante is able to support retailers in capitalizing on their value. With Blue Yonder’s solutions, you can discover the right product mix for a given store, intelligently integrate customer demand, inventory, store space, and automate complex and volatile processes.

Assortment Management

Creating a superior customer experience and – at the same time – building brand loyalty requires the right assortment of products. Assortment management is the combination of in-depth analysis, consumer buying preferences, assortment life cycle planning and sizing, as well as pre-pack optimization in a simplified workflow. The correct management of the entire product range eliminates delays and increases sales and margins on all channels, as well as providing localized information on buyers. Learn how to harness the power of Blue Yonder’s assortment management to satisfy customers with the right assortment and maximum profitability.

Build a profitable assortment management

As customer buying behavior evolves, retailers like you face a unique challenge: how to maintain an optimized assortment that not only meets demand, but also improves customer satisfaction. Come with us to the Blue Yonder world to discover how this software can help retail companies and create optimized and localized assortments, leveraging proactive and analytics-based information.

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Space Planning

The space allocation, if created efficiently and consciously, drives revenue growth. How? Good space planning leverages information about customer preferences, maximizing shelf area and measuring KPIs in detailed and useful analytics. With the Blue Yonder solution you can design planograms that meet local demand thanks to microspace planning and space planning. Moreover, with the automation of planogram creation, it is much easier to create a shelf that satisfies the customers of each store.

Planogram accuracy increased by 70% with Blue Yonder Planogram Automation

What benefits would you have for your organisation if you were able to save time on planograms and were able to focus more on category analysis and market trends? Find out with Blue Yonder.

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Floor Planning

In this area Blue Yonder offers a real solution for the management of the store space, integrating perfectly with the planograms to simplify the design and implementation of the floor plans of each store. This will maximize space and sales opportunities.

Precise and shop-specific floor plans

Take a close look at Blue Yonder’s planning capabilities, which can help you create and maintain shop-specific floor plans easily and efficiently. With Blue Yonder, leading global suppliers and retailers can optimize the location, performance and layout of merchandise categories. Whether it’s managing top-down or bottom-up plans, our tool blends store design with category management initiatives in order to promote sales plan effectiveness, achieve business goals, and gain competitive advantage.

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Workforce Management

In order for your company to retain talent and attract new minds, it is essential to balance the needs of your employees with those of your company. Blue Yonder’s Workforce Management solutions are designed to help you address today’s job challenges with flexible scheduling, time and attendance, simplified job compliance, and long-term planning. Reduce turnover and achieve higher levels of productivity, both for the front line and for top managers. Based on the secure Microsoft Azure platform, this solution includes built-in security controls and information about potential pitfalls to protect your organization from evolving cyber threats.

Strategic workforce planning in action

When it’s time to attract and maintain a quality workforce, understanding your work team is critical – and at the same time, what programming flexibility means for each of them. Learn how to leverage strategic workforce planning to empower each employee while meeting business needs.

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Lifecycle Pricing

For all retailers, determining the right price is crucial, especially in a world increasingly characterized by the volatility of demand and its sudden change, and an increasing amount of data to manage. In order to meet expectations, we need to use automated processes to understand how factors affect demand and how to use this data to determine successful pricing strategies. The Blue Yonder solution, Luminate Pricing, is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, is able to fully understand the factors of influence and supports in making the optimal decision making.

Automate pricing strategy with the intelligence and precision of Luminate Market Pricing

To succeed within an increasingly competitive landscape, grocery retailers must find the right balance between inventory, prices and promotions also in order to maintain profit levels. Blue Yonder knows this and invites you to explore the benefits of Luminate Market Pricing, a tool designed to offer optimized pricing for each channel and product, based on consumer demand, brand loyalty and local conditions.

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