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Assortment Optimization

Technology / Assortment Optimization

Choose your assortment based on the behavior of your customers

Stop calendar-based planning: the assortment must be optimized taking into account consumer demand, but above all it is essential to update it frequently to be always aligned with the reality of the market.
Using customer behaviour and point-of-sale sales as a database, successful retailers are able to have more effective assortments for size, shop, department and category.

What we do?

Axiante, thanks to the power of the Symphony Retailai platform, is able to support retailers in optimising the assortment, with an approach that fully exploits data on consumer behaviour and removing Skus with poor performance and unnecessary overlap.
In addition to the growth in revenues and customer satisfaction, this results in an improvement in the supply chain and inventory management.

Why Assortment Optimization by Symphony Retailai?

Improving assortment and maximizing space
Possibility of predicting purchasing behaviour with simulations
Improvement of stock management and demand balance
Assortments that reflect the preferences of customers and respect the constraints of the store

Symphony Retailai Assortment Optimization is tightly integrated with demographic and customer retention data to enable smart clustering of stores. This means not only efficiency in the store, but also in the warehouse. There will always be a certain commonality between stores, but clearly understanding the different needs of each reduces significant waste in the value chain that reaches up to the shelf.

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