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During the “It’s all banking & insurance” event we talked about how to manage strategic initiatives partly inheriting the methodologies used for the management of operational projects, and at the same time giving visibility on kpi , roles and responsibilities in a hierarchical perspective in the entire strategy execution and process transformation phase.

We have focused on everything that goes “on top” to operations, and therefore on change projects that are needed to generate the operations of tomorrow or to respond to regulatory or organizational changes imposed by a regulatory body or by the market.

We are talking about projects of innovation, of transformation. The term project brings us back to something more concrete, which must have a beginning, an end, which has a specific objective and a budget to be respected.

The title of this speech was “Govern the continuous evolutions in Operations” : here are some videos of the event to better understand the concepts expressed.

Would you like to know more and understand why it is essential to have a tool dedicated to strategy execution and process transformation? Contact us .

Giuseppe Palumbo

Giuseppe Palumbo

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