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The transformation of the finance area

Onestream has developed an innovative “Intelligent Finance Platform” created to overcome financial complexities, which turns data into actionable information, so that all flows can be guided quickly and securely.
Distributed through the cloud, it allows organizations to modernise finance, replace more legacy applications, and reduce the total cost of ownership for financial systems. It also allows financial teams to spend less time on financial processes management mechanisms and more time focusing on driving business performance.
Onestream can also be extended with over 50 other solutions available on the “Marketplace” that include, for example, personnel planning, sales planning, investment planning, liquidity planning and predictive analytics.

Overcoming complexity, unifying financial processes

Quality of integrated financial data

Financial Data Quality is not a separate module or product, but is part of the main platform. When it comes to financial reporting, speed and accuracy are paramount. Onestream’s quality management of financial data provides rigorous controls to provide confidence and reliability in the quality of financial results.

Financial closure and consolidation

Onestream has developed a financial consolidation engine that contains the basic requirements for true legal consolidation and is designed to meet the needs of the largest global companies in the world. Onestream supports strict compliance requirements with comprehensive audit controls on data, metadata and processes.

Guided workflows

Onestream’s guided workflows protect business users from complexity by uniquely guiding them through all processes of management, verification, analysis, certification, and data blocking.

Reconciliation of accounts

Onestream allows customers to face the challenges in reconciling accounts in a unique way, with a solution fully integrated with the process of closing, consolidating and reporting financially.

Integrated reports and analyses

A single version for financial, legal and management reporting. It offers multiple reporting and analytics capabilities across a single platform, such as guided, formatted and ad hoc reports, based on Excel, interactive dashboards, and mobile deployment. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office, automating the creation of complex documents such as log books, presentations and normative documents.

Tax provision

Tax Provision is specifically designed to accelerate time to value, reduce risks, promote transparency and increase productivity by eliminating disconnected spreadsheets and punctual solutions from the entire tax provisioning process. By aligning fiscal provisioning and reporting with financial consolidation, Onestream simplifies data collection by leveraging the platform.

What do we do?

Axiante, thanks to the power of Onestream, is able to support the needs of modern organizations in the financial field, through a coherent vision and the right level of detail. Our approach is holistic, and allows our customers to define the strategy, plan and manage the path to an “Intelligent finance”.

Why OneStream?

Simplifies financial consolidation
Align planning and forecasting with financial reporting
Speed up financial closure process and reduce budget cycles
Intuitively guide users through workflows

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