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IBM Planning Analytics

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A planning solution that evolves with business

IBM Planning Analytics is a solution for planning, budget and forecasting, which through strong collaboration, helps organizations make better decisions.

Based on TM1, it allows you to create interconnected multidimensional data cubes, able to analyze budget and data on various levels.

What do we do?

When it comes to IBM software, we are second to none: we have extensive experience in providing complete, process-aligned solutions.

Our team has in-depth knowledge not only of IBM Planning Analytics, but also of financial processes, and for this reason we are able to support organizations in improving planning, budget and its determination, forecasts and decision-making for FP&A activities.

Why IBM Planning Analytics?

Create complex schedules, budgets and forecasts, even on large data sets
Create hypothetical scenarios to determine the next steps
Robust analysis to identify opportunities and threats

Our Expertises