Transforming into a single mind

Innovation to ensure a unique and corporate vision of information, giving added value to all cash flow operations.


Each one of the mobile commerce operations of the Japanese mobile phone leader NTT Docomo, with a portfolio of over 78 million subscriptions, were incorporated into DOCOMO Digital in 2016.
Founded with the aim of facilitating financial flexibility for its customers and helping them to gain more value from the mobile economy, it is based in London, but its team operates from offices located in 15 cities.
It is precisely because of the need to begin a path of integration of the various companies, that exceeded the highly heterogeneous nature of the various units at the level of cash flow, that this market leader turned to Axiante.

Introducing opportunities

DOCOMO Digital decided to amplify the potential of its data, opting for a solution that is able to make the information needed for the analysis of cash flow more accessible and improving its interpretation.
New types of dashboards and analysis allow the organization to manage and make decisions about cash flow in a more conscious and dynamic way.
The digital solution created by Axiante, on a multidimensional system, has ensured that all the information resources are standardized and always available. This project has a common information base for all companies, allowing the sharing of data and information usable at all levels of the organization. The type of information processed are related to payment/collection times, invoicing, VAT and intercompany reports.


Today DOCOMO Digital has obtained aggregated data, which are translated daily into monitoring and planning and which are able to give a current and prospective view of cash flows. In this way, top management can take more effective decisions for the entire finance area.
The output of the solution integrates different types of data, with the possibility of using it also in self service mode.

In this way, simple data become business insights for the entire corporate.


Supporting HR decision making