Supporting HR decision making

When one of the major Italian chemical groups decides to create a cutting-edge solution for the management of HR flows, a project is born with the aim of keeping total control of quantitative values, despite the dynamic context is constantly evolving.


Over the years, the SIAD Group has experienced significant growth with an increasing industrial presence on international markets, thanks to a targeted corporate acquisition strategy in the industrial, food, specialty and medicinal gas sectors, and in the synergistic sectors of Engineering, Healthcare, LPG and Natural gas. This strategy has made the SIAD Group one of the leading international operators in the sector, with over 18 foreign subsidiaries, from India to Australia, passing through China and Brazil and now also in Central and Eastern Europe.
The continuous expansion, combined with the geographical location of the various acquisitions, led HR management to evaluate new digital approaches and solutions to integrate quickly into the Corporate model, Workforce & Cost Management data from different group companies.

Better data for better HR flow

The intervention in complex realities must combine different technological components that interact and collaborate with each other and that contribute, each for its part, to the resolution of the different problems of the project: data acquisition, harmonisation of information and the elaboration of reports and analytics both at the level of Corporate (Group) and at the level of individual Legal Entities (Local).
The payoff of the digital solution created by Axiante best synthesizes the processes of the HR area, making the input data flow from the subsidiaries regular and consistent, can flow with the minimum margin of error and without interrupting or delaying the periodic accounting process.
Thanks to the HR Datawarehouse information harmonisation system, the data are appropriately processed with the aim of producing an adequate level of information service both at the corporate level (group currency and coding) and at the local level (local currency and coding) so as to ensure consolidated analysis and statistics (corporate) but also specific to individual legal entities (local).
To meet the needs of the customer, we have created an Analytics solution capable of carrying out the analysis aimed at controlling and evaluating the operational performance of the key processes: Cost Management, Workforce Management, Competency and Skills.


The new integrated multifunctional system created by Axiante, able to bring out information not even imagined before, has improved the data collection and subsequent understanding.
Thanks to a strategy that took into account the human, cultural and organizational aspects, it was possible for SIAD’s human resources to maintain total control of the quantitative, qualitative and economic values of the group’s organizational structure, constantly monitoring key indicators and service levels, and ensuring the continuous and constant success of the group’s growth strategies.

A quickly integration of Workforce & Cost Management data from the various companies in the group, for a tangible improvement in performance.


A look to the future