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We all know that budget and forecasts are excellent means to achieve strategic business goals.

But why do we make predictions? Why is it important to plan?

I made a podcast about it, in which I explain why it is important to have a Sales Forecast and how
this can add great value to the business.

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I still remember with affection when I received my first scooter: I was happy, excited for that new possibility to feel free. My father explained to me the importance of a good insurance and periodic checks.
Of course, we cannot predict the future, but if we have a plan and a readiness to change it, and we have the right tools, we can be sure that things will be for the best.

I am Vincenzo Quarta, Project Manager in Axiante. In this podcast I would like to talk to you about why it is important to have a Sales Forecast.

Many years have passed since the first scooter ride, today I work in Axiante and often, during my experience, I happened to work in projects for organizations that needed to improve their sales forecast.

As we all know, budget and forecasts are excellent means of achieving strategic business goals.

But let’s start with a question. Why do we have to make predictions?

Making predictions, especially when these are accurate, allows us to identify those variables that could influence our activities.
I suggest you think of prediction as a checkpoint, which helps you to change direction when things evolve as they shouldn’t.
In uncertain times like the ones we have experienced in the last year, prediction is able to add great value to business, and, if done frequently, it can support even more in making informed and better decisions.

To better understand this concept, let’s try to imagine that you have already set a sales process, set individual and team goals, and that the time has come to make essential decisions to reach them.
Think of a broker who has to invest in the stock market: for him it is essential to have reliable market forecasts available.
The argument does not change for a sales manager: it is necessary for him to make decisions driven by the data and plan his sales strategy according to the forecasts, in order to reach the turnover targets.

So how do we make sure our sales forecasting is accurate? The answer lies in one concept: “Data Driven”.
A data-based sales forecast can ensure greater control over operations, helps you overcome critical issues, and even helps you to inspire your team to achieve your goals.

I opened this podcast by saying how much in life we can’t be sure to predict everything, but we can plan and equip ourselves with the tools to overcome situations in a winning way.
Sales are as unpredictable as our lives.
Every day you face increasing risks and want to make the best decision in every scenario? It may be time to think about all the benefits of sales forecasting, and use all the information at your disposal to see if you are in the right path and what your next steps will be.
This will mitigate risk and uncertainty, and you can hypothesize different scenarios.

For this podcast is all, thank you for listening and see you next time!

Vincenzo Quarta

Vincenzo Quarta

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