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2021: CFOS juggle with a volatile environment, and Finance Transformation returns to prominence. Why? The primary objective is to guide the teams and help them to move agile in times of curvature and interruption.
To be efficient, team finance must govern the tools at their disposal and, in order to become an Intelligence Finance organization, they must be cohesive.

But what does intelligence finance mean? 

It means being able to take full advantage of the benefits of technology, according to your needs, and empower your team and organization through insights that can drive performance and evolve.

Team finance is freed from repetitive and manual processes, often disjointed, through digital transformation, which will automate tedious tasks, thus increasing productivity and effectiveness in the processes of financial closure, planning, budgeting, forecasting and reporting.
In this way the organization can focus on valuable initiatives, and provide insights driven by data, thanks to advanced analytics and predictive analytics.

So teams intelligence finance will be enabled to evolve processes to meet the challenges of the market.

Dedicating time to “low value” processes prevents you from focusing on the most important ones, such as evaluating new capital investments or analyzing the likely impact of new products or innovations of existing ones, or those supporting decision-making, thus freeing the true power of finance.
As the pressure on costs increases and the pace changes incessantly, Cfos are asked for more, developing insights that generate wealth for the entire organization.

Working alongside Sales, Marketing, Operations and HR, you will have access to a general overview, which will align your understanding of customer or product profitability. The finance area will not only be “intelligent” for numbers, but also for the expansion of organizational trust.

With dedicated platforms, team finance will be able to leverage data-driven insights to help organizations face new challenges.
In addition, they make the finance area able to project into the future and overcome its complexity, thanks to its flexibility and scalability.

Onestream is an extensible solution that unifies all CPM processes, eliminating the burden of data collection, reconciliation and management of disparate, fragmented and unrelated financial solutions that retain the potential value of financial teams.

The financial function today is in a particular position: it must be able to respond quickly to events of high impact that can influence the market and drive towards change.
Cfos need to be able to automate key processes and integrate analysis to improve processes, allowing the organization to pursue growth opportunities.
By choosing Onestream, Cfos will have at their disposal all the features they need, which simplifies processes, liberates value, to achieve the agility that allows you to keep up with the business.
Armed with the right instrument, financial leaders are able to overcome periods of uncertainty, increasing growth and maximising investments.

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