An evolutionary approach to ensure continuity

Companies are strongly linked to their digital solutions: this is why it is important not to adopt the classic run-to-failure approach, but to focus on the link between business success and the value that creates a proactive application management that looks to the future.


Microport is one of the most dynamic companies in the electromedical sector, with sales offices and production facilities all over the world. The business success is due in part to the ability to implement innovative systems to support the business.
From the European HQ located just outside Paris, the CTO of the Microportcrm division, has been charged with rationalizing and renewing the entire central and local application infrastructure (ERP and management, BI and DWH, Custmer Relationship Management, MES etc) over a period of two years.
It is on the basis of these premises and the challenge posed, that cooperation with Axiante is born, giving life to projects to support the continuous evolution of the business, through application management services, as well as for assistance to end users.

An IT connected to business

To assist Microport in its evolution, the Axiante team chooses to adopt a proactive approach to AMS, constantly oriented to meet the needs of users.
In addition to the end-to-end Analytics platform, the service is also extended to the cloud platform supported by the Sales network and the Global Customer Service, for a total of over 250 users distributed in various countries.

In the diverse environment of an international company, the CRM is a fundamental asset, as well as the apps dedicated to the sales force: for this reason it was all customized and integrated with HQ information systems, so as to create a shared vision, allowing all individual actors autonomy, mobility and speed in finding correct information.


One of the most important aims of this path of maintenance and evolution, is to allow the entire organization to ensure an optimal level of service to end users, thus allowing business continuity.
This optimization introduced a new vision, allowing the Corporate IT to devote itself to rationalization, design and implementation projects.

A new vision of the AM service, to generate growth, value and business continuity.


Dynamism everywhere