A look to the future

Is it utopian to expand and simultaneously maintain smooth and regular operating processes? No, if we have a digital solution that allows us to have a single point for managing business data and that optimizes the user’s operation.


In a time of changes and acquisitions, the Coesia Group has chosen Axiante to undertake a path to improve the governance of corporate information , unifying the different existing applications in a single system, with the aim of optimizing the experience of its users.

The efficiency that projects into the future

In a context of business expansion, the unique sharing of Budget, Actual and Forecast data was the starting point that allowed to outline a new information governance.
The digital solution developed by Axiante unifies applications into a single platform, allowing users to enter information on a single medium.
Where it has been possible the solution has exploited the data structures already present, enriching them with the Budget scenario, otherwise, new ones have been added, integrating them with new operating workflows.


Today the Coesia Group can count on a single point of data management, able to evolve with the company and its future expansion, giving the maximum benefit to the operation of its users.
The digital solution is able to manage all the operational processes of the management control, in all its fundamental parts: budget definition, actual loading and forecast planning. In addition, it performs automated calculations and checks on data integrity in the various reference scenarios, greatly decreasing the risk of error.
To complete this process from a technical point of view, allowing the integration of new budget data and, at the same time, lowering the server’s memory consumption, Axiante has defined an effective data strategy that as a result has:

  • the innovation of Actual and Forecast, eliminating the data older than a certain date, no longer useful for the purpose of user analysis
  • the implementation of a fine tuning activity for indexing data structures
  • the optimization of the calculation rules present in the most relevant cubes

A real improvement of the processes also in future perspective, thanks to a combination of technological and strategic expertise.


The right to be excellent