Dynamism everywhere

Dynamic pricing and more… At the service of the user, a simple, immediate, constantly evolving platform that transforms the company’s know-how into digital workflows.


SIAD is one of the most important chemical groups in Italy, with many locations in Europe, and active in the industrial gas and healthcare sectors.
To satisfy customers, who have precise expectations, it is essential to propose a competitive offer.
It is just the need for a dynamic pricing and campaign management system that has prompted Siad to turn to Axiante to create a digital solution with this focus.

Dynamic and smart approach

Axiante met the requests with the creation of a two-layer digital solution, ETL and web interface, able to unify the different data sources, and with a configurator of the rules of dynamic price calculation for different types of customers and products.
The ETL is a calculation engine developed in SQL Server that deals with the collection of data from other systems, the calculation of new prices according to the rules set on the current campaign and then the download of data to other corporate systems/ datawarehouse.
The web interface, realized in PHP, is dedicated to the management of campaigns, starting from the configuration of the calculation metrics up to the communications to the customer via email letters with the updated price list.


Conquering a unique vision for price and campaign management is the first step in transforming the customer’s business know-how into digital procedures and workflows in the Dynamic Pricing area.
The digital solution developed by Axiante, which is operational for HQ and EU locations, integrates successfully within the existing application park and provides strategic support to SIAD’s management, increasing the margins of action and customization of campaigns according to the different types of customers and products.

A dynamic and unique view of prices and campaigns, optimized for different types of customers and products.


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