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Meeting the Daily Operational Needs of the Retail World

Quant is designed to fully meet the daily operational needs in the retail sector. Created by a team with many years of direct experience in the industry, its goal is to provide a user-friendly and intuitive environment with customizable features to facilitate the work of those involved in Space Allocation and Category Management. The result is a set of functionalities specific to the retail world, with shortcuts and tools derived from experience, and innovative ideas for space planning management, such as shelf design templates. The solution is completely integrated, including various application modules in a single environment. Born directly in the cloud, it is not an adaptation of an existing application and is therefore already optimized for network execution. The private data center in Europe guarantees the security required by Italian retailers.

What Do We Do?

Our goal is to ensure effective software implementation and adoption. We manage the integration with the client’s systems, ensuring that users always find updated data transparently. We pay great attention to user training and the management of the “novelty effect.” We implement customizations of the solution and offer continuous support to users, addressing issues with a face-to-face approach, avoiding referral to an anonymous English-speaking service desk system. Additionally, we provide an in-store survey service.

Why Quant?

Optimized planograms based on sales
Modern web interface for planogram distribution and communication
Connection to sales data and advanced reporting
Flexible category hierarchy
Management of shelf labels linked to planograms
Cloud based