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The complexity in the management of the shelf with which you have to juggle a retailer, are certainly not new.

We have all seen, for example, how during the pandemic it was necessary for them to face various challenges in order to create appropriate assortments for a new consumer sensitivity. Not to mention those related to the introduction of new products, line extensions and promotions spread through social media. Retailers have also seen an increase in sales on the e-commerce channel, wild fluctuations in demand and physical purchases in the store, which have put logistics to the test.

That’s why we believe Shelf Intelligence is on the rise: it offers a competitive edge, and it allows retailers to navigate through all these complexities with ease.

Imagine that you have real-time visibility of shelf conditions and have artificial intelligence at your disposal to make better decisions. It would be quicker and easier, don’t you think?

It is not a utopia: many new technologies offer this kind of vision, which allows you to visualize, at any time, the availability of items on the shelf.
In fact, the digitalization applied to the stores and the innovations of this area, offer the potential to be able to efficiently exploit all the information coming from the most disparate data sources, so as to give a significant change to the decision-making process.

What are the advantages of adopting a Shelf Intelligence solution?

Visibility of the shelf and its condition
We can definitely consider this a step forward for all the operating teams of the stores, as it offers the possibility to identify problems in real time. This will allow, in fact, to notify the staff of the store at the right time, to carry out immediate corrective actions and thus manage the stocks better.
Even a small shelf improvement can have a major impact on sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Identify the supply challenges in advance
Unfortunately, many retailers are unaware of what is really happening on their shelves. Applying technology with this vision can turn this growing challenge around.
Artificial intelligence combined with cameras strategically positioned in the categories considered key, can in fact help retailers to obtain information on hidden problems, but of undoubted relevance to merchandising, on their shelves.

Improve promotions
A better visibility on the situation of the points of sale, allows Retailers to know effectively if their sales strategies, which usually require months of planning and alignment with marketing, are actually executed.

Compliance with the planogram
Same as the promotions. Retailers invest valuable time to design store, consumer, and cluster categories. The Shelf Intelligence and the relative solution for the management of the categories, guarantee that these efforts are not vain, far from it. They will provide the expected results and a better effectiveness in the implementation of the marketing strategy.

Productivity increase

Store employees, supported by the right tools, can devote their efforts to tasks that require immediate intervention, so as to allow a better in-store experience for customers.

I could go on this list forever. What I mentioned above offers a simple glimpse of the benefits that await all retailers who choose to adopt a Shelf Intelligence solution.
Why do they need it? Now retailers have a multitude of data, but this technology allows, above all, to have a new vision of the truth, just from the most important point of view, that of the consumer. A customer-centric vision. I repeat, this is no longer a dream, but a possibility.