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2022. Many organizations now don’t look at smart working as an occasional way of working, but rather as something permanent.

The drive towards digitalization and smart working that we have experienced in the last two years does not derive from the strategic choices of the CEO, COO or CIO, but from an unpredictable and unimaginable pandemic.

This leads to an unplanned need for organizations to find a way to launch strategic initiatives despite the distance.

It is essential to have a strategic plan that gives direction to the activities and is able to make the company consistent with the current strong change.

But that’s not enough. It is essential to guarantee continuity in the execution, and the management of the same with the possible implementation of new strategies, especially when it is necessary to develop remote work plans.


Let’s start with a premise. It is now clear to everyone that many “transactions” do not need “relationships” (purchases of certain products and services, requests for certificates from the PA, payments, etc.), but others do.

Furthermore, relationships are not only a way to make transactions but have a richness that allows you to trigger other interlinked mechanisms: lateral thinking, empathy, innovation and more.

When it comes to the execution of a strategy, it is therefore even more important to try to widen the range of the “remote” relationship, so as to try to assimilate, as far as possible, the one in presence.

On the other hand, we cannot wait for everything to go back to the way it was before, we must start working on the future, in the short and long term, despite everything.

This is why proper alignment between top and down becomes essential and ensures that everyone can understand what is and is not important. It is conceivable to make the decision to add the principles for remote work in the mission, identifying, for example, what are the objectives and initiatives to focus on to ensure business continuity successfully.

Another important point is to make sure that transparency is at the heart of the initiatives . For this purpose, dashboards could be exploited that indicate the progress of the organization’s strategic objectives through the activities, so that people can be connected to the goals and predetermined results.

Find new ways to implement and manage your plan

Logically, the transition to smart working changes the way plans and processes are managed.
In this period, you will certainly not be able to chase people between offices for updates, meetings will be more complicated to manage … but it is essential to think about how to execute plans and long-term initiatives.

And here it is necessary to be realistic. The methods used in presence are no longer adequate, and the strategy execution and transformation of the processes cannot continue to remain in stand-by.

A way must be found to improve the activities related to the collection of updates, the monitoring of initiatives and the progress of related projects.

All those organizations that we can define as suitable, those that manage to navigate in any market condition, even the most volatile ones, stand out because they are good not only at devising a strategy, but also at executing it and maximizing results.

It is necessary to adopt a dynamic approach to strategy execution, making it flexible to external changes, customer preferences and the positioning that the organization would like to undertake.

We must not think of the strategy only as a document to be created. Why this statement?

Documents, as we all know, are rarely used, especially when they are to be interpreted and at a time when remote work is on the agenda.

At this point, technology is the key. A software specially created to execute strategic plans exponentially increases the ability to achieve goals, even with a team that works remotely.

Mysp is the platform that we have identified as the best, suitable for large organizations that want to take their initiatives off the plane, directly into reality.

Too many strategic plans fail, too many objectives fail to reach the finish line… how can we remedy this?

Thanks to My Single Point you can have a single vision, so as to monitor what is happening within each initiative, at any level, in real time. Involving all stakeholders in a user friendly platform allows you to connect your entire organization, from the top to the project teams, regardless of where they are physically located.
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Mirko Gubian

Mirko Gubian

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