Strategy and execution: the combination for success

Most complex organizations are well structured to deal with projects that affect the traditional business perimeter. Despite this, 50% of strategic initiatives fail, and the ca uses are predominantly internal. What can be done? Business leaders have the opportunity to subvert this achievement and achieve their strategic goals, adopting both a visionary and operational mindset. A common mistake of organizations is to impute failure on people, who do not execute the strategy in the correct way. But often the area of execution is underestimated: we can not think of introducing new goals and succeed, if we do not have a clear vision and management of the necessary resources, identifying which internal capacities are really important to carry out the mission.

Strategy is not enough, execution is needed

At Axiante, we use digital transformation and innovation to redesign “end-to-end” business strategy management processes, operational and organizational models.
Establishing an explicit link between strategy, business goals, and execution projects makes it possible for strategy and vision to truly be the starting point of a path to change. We support organizations in managing and monitoring those activities that are considered on-linetop operations, that is the change projects that serve to generate the operations of tomorrow or to respond to regulatory and organizational changes imposed by a regulatory body or the market.

What do we mean by “Innovation & Strategy Execution”?

“Innovation & Strategy Execution” means to have a direction, set a path and keep it monitored, communicate it clearly to everyone to work in that sense. Execution is particularly challenging in the contexts of large organizations, which require cross-functional collaboration, with a practical, operational and involved approach. Key competences should not be complemented with effective tools that must support execution, which are often underestimated. Tools are essential to identify a new call to action, a threat to defend against or an opportunity to seize.

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