Excellence with a smart approach

A Financial Planning that moves in unison with the objectives and the business strategy, to offer new and powerful perspectives, supporting in this way the fundamental decision-making and management processes of corporate assets throughout the organization.


Founded in 1930, Ariston Thermo Group is the Italian leader in the field of thermal comfort and energy efficiency. Over the years, it has always distinguished itself for the values with which it operates, such as attention to environmental sustainability, and for the continuous research of innovation, so as to be able to meet the variable needs of consumers worldwide.
Having need to manage, optimize and evolve the process of Financial Planning Ariston Thermo Group turned to Axiante.

Moving beyond

It was necessary initially to collect and analyze all the data sources and the infrastructure present, in order to design and make possible the evolution, with the aim of improving and transforming Financial Planning.
Then, after an initial period of Advisory aimed at defining the flow of information and mapping the actions of users in the planning phase, Axiante has gone on to implement the necessary developments to support change and transform it into an efficient operating layer across the group’s ecosystem.
The constant support and work of the Axiante’ team, has allowed to build – together with the customer – a digital solution that makes possible its progression.

Over time, new needs were born, soon transformed into reality, such as:

  • Service Sharing: reversal of costs incurred centrally for services on the group companies
  • Duty: management of the calculation of customs duties paid in intercompany international shipments
  • Inbound: management of the costs to be paid in the handling of the goods between companies, of which at least one extra CEE and calculation of the customs duties paid by the receiving company in the shipments intercompany


Gaining solid continuity in the planning service is the first step to achieving maximum flexibility. The needs that emerge from day to day in the planning activities, ensure a tangible improvement in the organization and in the business decision making.

The advantages of an evolutionary approach are considerable and numerous: a financial planning always “on hype”, to be ready for the future every day.


Transforming into a single mind